Dirk Boden

"Dirk was amazing from the beginning to the end. He really helped me throughout the entire process to clearly understand and make the right decision concerning each step." - Jamie N.

As a Denver area resident over the last fourteen years, I have worked hard to establish a strong sense of community in the areas I have lived. Over the last decade, I worked with community businesses and organizations to build stronger supports and programs for students and families in the public school systems. I supplemented my work in the schools by receiving a Master’s in Education from Regis, where I learned a lot about social justice and community organization. By creating and sustaining innovative grant programs directed at stronger career and college readiness for our youth, I was amazed at how much an invested community could accomplish together.

A few years ago I purchased a second home in Wheat Ridge (I rent out a condo in Capitol Hill) and began my real estate career. Shortly after, I joined the city Planning Commission, which allows me to have a voice in local development and zoning. Since joining the 8z team, I’ve thrown all my energy into finding the best possible living situation for potential clients, while creating efficient processes for sellers. There is nothing like seeing a transaction go smoothly and seeing a family’s dream living situation come to fruition.

When I’m not previewing homes and working with clients, you can find me riding my bike through town or in the foothills. I also run a community men’s basketball league in Northwest Denver and play on an indoor soccer and futsal league. My wife and I enjoy exploring new restaurants throughout the city, and I help out at her salon (Second Nature) at times. We like to cook for each other, although we both prefer her food to mine.

8z is a well-organized, fine-tuned machine that uses proven systems to ensure strong customer service at every level. Give me a call or send me an email if you’re looking for assistance during your home buying or selling process.

Jamie N.

Dirk is just a good guy. He puts other people's interests ahead of his own and he's going to work hard at whatever he does. When we worked together on district-wide projects, he came up with great ideas and was a problem solver. I never saw him get overwhelmed, even though he had a ton on his plate.

Alejandro A.

Dirk is successful because he knows how to listen to people and get the most out of them. He is a strong, soft spoken leader who definitely leads by example. We will miss him in the schools, but look forward to seeing his progress in the near future. He has helped a ton of families in Denver and he will figure out how to do the same in his new career.

Corey A.

Dirk was amazing from the beginning to the end. He really helped me throughout the entire process to clearly understand and make the right decision concerning each step. For a first time home buyer, this was incredible!

Zillow user lynncrys

We moved here from St. Louis and quite literally had to pick an agent out of thin air. We chose wisely after all. Dirk has been great. He was with us every step of the way. If we had questions he had an answer and his response time was amazing. He went above and beyond and drove us around for hours and hours to help us find our home. When we chose an area he wasn't too familiar with he did his research and got us the information we needed. If you are looking for a real estate agent who knows his stuff and really cares about his clients look no further. Dirk is your agent.